FAQ's for medical thermal imaging

What can Thermography be used for?


This is a short list and not all-inclusive. Breast health, pain, inflammation and nerve impingement locale are only a few of the systems we can review. For a more comprehensive list, please click below

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How do I schedule a scan with the Imaging Center?


You can call us at 918-649-5021 and leave a message or you can click on the button below to schedule a time convenient for you. We provide medical thermal imaging in Poteau, Fort Smith, McAlester, Mena and surrounding areas.

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What do I do to prepare for my scan?


There are simple instructions to follow prior to scan. Please click below to view. Print, if possible, to ensure you will be ready for your scan.  We will send you a reminder a day or two before your appointment via email / text

Pre-Scan Instructions

Does insurance cover this?


At this time, some insurances will pay. We provide a receipt for you to file with your insurance. They may provide coverage under preventive screening. Our pricing is very affordable, compared to traditional testing. 

Other ?'s


Do you still have questions? Follow this link to the ACCT website where you will find answers. If you still have questions, please contact us at 918-649-5120

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What is ACCT?

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The American College of Clinical Thermology is an organization of professionals dedicated to helping educate the public on the advantages of  the fast growing field of digital infrared thermal imaging  through education, research, and professional development.