Important Pre-Scan Instructions

  1.  Do not do anything that may affect your temperature on the day of your scan. Examples include massage, physical therapy or EMG testing ( a recording of the electrical activity of muscle tissue using electrodes)
  2. Rigorous exercise should be done a minimum of two (2) hours prior to the scan.
  3. Do not use anything on your skin the day of the scan, including powder, deodorant/antiperspirant or lotion 
  4. Do not smoke or drink caffeine the two (2) hours prior to the scan
  5. Stay out of strong sunlight on the day of test. You can NOT be scanned if you are sunburned.
  6. Eat normally and take your medicines on the day of your scan but avoid excessively hot or cold drinks immediately prior to the test
  7. Loose fitting clothes are best,  if possible. We will have clean gowns available for easy access to the area to be scanned.

*If you are sunburned on your chest or the area to be scanned, you need to wait until all burned skin is not longer visible.