A few frequently asked questions

Does Insurance pay for this?  Recent information indicates some insurance will pay under preventive screening.  We can provide a receipt stating the scan is interpreted by a medical doctor. You can turn this in to your insurance. Health Savings Plan will usually cover the cost. 

How long does it take?  One region is usually no more than 30 minutes start to finish. Half body is about 45 minutes and full body takes approximately an hour.Time depends on questions and if you complete paperwork online or in person.

Does it hurt? No. The scan is non-invasive. 

Is it safe?  Thermograms are safe. There is no radiation. We use a medical grade thermal camera to take images of your skin and the physician compares the images, from your right and left sides, for signs of dysfunction in your sympathetic nervous system.

Can a thermogram see a tumor?  Thermograms do not see structure. They detect function and physiology. If there is a process occurring that is causing heat or cold at the skin surface, this shows on the images.

Do I get a report?  The images are interpreted by Board Certified Medical Doctors who are extensively trained in thermology. You receive a report within 72 hours, which includes interpretation, recommended  follow-up and all images.

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Mission statement –  The mission of the clinic is to provide a service unique to the area to give the community a cost effective, safe alternative / supporting service to the standard of practice in the medical community.  


We want to be as accommodating as possible, so even though a time may not be available through our website, please contact us and we will work to find a time that will work for you. The best contact is email - contact@thermalimagingok.com. You can also call and leave a message, 918-649-5120, or message us on facebook. 

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