Why Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging?

What makes us different?


Medical thermography is about change over time. The advantage of MTI is there is no radiation, it is non-invasive and painless, plus the scan images can be reviewed immediately with the official report available quickly, usually within 72 hours. The scan can detect physiological  or functional changes. It does not show a tumor or structure. 

Initially, we take thermal (infrared) images of regions of the body. In 3 months, breasts are re-imaged to determine any changes in the distinct thermal fingerprint that should remain constant. If no changes are seen, the scan is repeated annually. If there is a change, the frequency for followup will be determined by the amount of change noted. There are some disease processes that are better detected with other medical devices. There are many that require follow-up with common medical services, such as mammography. 

All images are interpreted by an MD or DO trained in thermology. The physicians dictate the official report and send it to our clinic. They will communicate with your physician, as needed.